The AP-3 Ranged Pyrotechnics Glove aka Flaming Star is a ranged weapon worn as a glove.

Description Edit

A brass colored glove-like device that is placed on the user's hand, the user's fingers are exposed and allowed full range of motion, while still giving protection in melee engagements.

Abilities and Usage Edit

The device fires rounds of semi-contained plasma with 19 kJ of force, roughly that of a .50 BMG. the plasma containment fails on contact with a solid object, such as a wall or person, but is strong enough it won't detonate in strong magnetic fields or in atmosphere. The device is capable of accurate firing up to 500 meters, however it has no scope or iron sights, making aiming a difficulty in itself.

The device has two firing modes, manual and electronic. The manual mode is triggered with a thumb switch and is intended to be used as a last resort. The electronic mode uses a form of B.C.I.(Brain Computer Interface) to allow the user to control the weapon without the use of triggers, buttons, or switches. The electronic firing mode also allows aiming assistance, where it attempts to correct for the users aiming to allow them to hit their target more often than if the device had fired when it was told to, this is enabled by default but can be disabled during maintenance.

There are reports on severe injury and in some cases death due to improper use of equipment, as a precaution all uses without a recoil rig or a device built so that the recoil does not directly go into the users arm that may result in damage to the user are not covered by Daitech warranty and are the fault of the user, failure to adhere to the requirement of using a recoil rig may result in severe injury and/or death.

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