The AR21C9 Assault Rifle was a rifle produced on Earth by the Mirai Industries, this weapon was used in the wastelands to counter the the hostile mutant army in an operation called Operation Mirai, same name of the corporation. It was later banished by the OSU because it used Uranium as ammunition and was too dangerous to be left available for purchase, this weapon now is labeled as illegal and is only available in the black market.


The AR21C9 was designed to be a small and versatile rifle to humans use against large mutants across the wastelands in Earth, it can alternate between semiautomatic, fully automatic and burst-fire settings. It has holographic weapon sight to help the user aim easily without loose his peripheral awareness like scopes, the holographic sight can be removed and replaced by other type of weapon sight, although is difficult. The AR21C9 has also a foldable stock to increase the hip-fire accuracy and reduces the recoil caused by the weapon unstable projectiles, also it is very practical to carry across the battlefield in small containers.

AR21C9 variants

All variants from top to bottom: Vanilla, "Jungle", "Assassin" and "NOVA"

The AR21C9 uses 5.56×45mm NATO ammunition, but not the common one, the weapon was designed to uses the controversial 5.56×45mm NATO(U), a Uranium-based cartridge which is highly unstable once fired at the target, making it a unpredictable projectile, sometimes exploding on contact, sometimes piercing multiple layers of heavy armor because of the temperature that the projectile achieve once fired. Because of this type of ammunition, the AR21C9 was banished from use by the OSU, which believe that this weapon could be too dangerous in any hand, but it's still being produced by illegal corporations and is available to purchase in the Black Market.

The weapon has multiple variations of the original AR21C9,
Akari AR21C9

Akari Anissa, with the AR21C9 "NOVA" rifle.

mostly reskins, although others have more attachments such laser sight and flashlight, the most requested is the "Assassin", with red LEDs and darker body color and lacks all attachments, making it a discrete weapon, since almost no one recognizes it. The rarest is the "NOVA", which has all attachments already included, it has white body color with cyan LEDs, somewhat extravagant and quickly recognizable, making this variant very rare to be seen.


  • The AR21C9 came from a mod for Fallout 3 called Operation Mirai, hence the name of the corporation. The mod was discontinued and is now a modder resource, so there's no backstory behind the weapon and its description was all made by the creator of the RP version.

Important NotesEdit

  • This weapon is restricted, meaning that the use of this weapon (as well their current concepts) are forbidden to be used without consent of the author.