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A Specimen Approaches was the introduction thread to the Victa primus. The thread was the first to feature an alien species and after it ended was the longest RP thread to exist. It was soon out done by Blades of Destiny, which continues to hold the record for most pages in a Robocraft Roleplay thread to date.

The EventEdit

  • Rojosu went with Mr. Cake to investigate the landing of a mysterious flying object. Whenever they sent something to it via Morse code it just sent the signal back using its own transmitter. Moving heat sources were inside so it may have living cargo and it’s not made of any discovered material. When it lands an extraterrestrial creature comes out that doesn’t speak any form of human language. The next few hours were painful as both the creature and Mr. Cake/Rojosu try to get somewhere. Eventually Rojosu manages to collect enough information to create a translation software. At this point other people heard the news and arrived to see the creature. The creature decides that it wants to be called ‘Sandwich’ in human language and announces that it is a woman. Most people are currently on a highly fortified moon of Jupiter. On the moon Sandwich studied human beings and people tried to teach her how to fight… Most attempts seemed to fail. Eventually Sandwich had to go back home so she took people with her to see her planet.
  • The planet consists of strange animal-like plants and dangerous creatures. The humans and Sandwich managed to get to her home city and take in the culture. (If you must know food is very important to them as well as defense of their home and reproduction doesn’t seem to be as important to them as it is to humans). Sandwich takes some people to see her children and one of them has a terminal disease which seems immortal (This child's name is Gloomy). The city is attacked which reveals the defense force used by the Victa primus (Sandwich's species) to be called the ‘Blood lead Defense’. It also reveals that they have huge living metal statues as guards. Gloomy manages to cure his disease by attaching nano-bots to the microbes and mentally controlling them. This makes for a pretty awesome ability. Mr. Cake has also now made deals with the Victa primus for food and defense forces. However the newly gained troops will not attack unless provoked or told they are provoked, forcing them to attack in unnecessary conditions will most likely result in rebellion. ~ Documented by Lijosu


  • The Crimson Order established an alliance with the entire Victa species.
  • Gloom cured himself and learned to exploit his disease.
  • One guardian was severely injured by a terrorist.