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Adsoy was a researcher in the field of Dark Energy & Dark Matter working for FABER CARBiNE. He made a break through in the understanding Dark Energy and FABER used their Particle accelerator to get results, during one of the initial testing phases he found plans to make use of his research as a weapon. He was a good person a the time so he tried to get them to stop working on the weapon, he was fired from his job and was banned from the site.

He went on the opening day with his pregnant wife, Julie since she was on the development team. So that he could get in to stop them from advancing any further with the weapon, however his plan backfired because the security guards captured his wife and held her at gun point, they held her captive in one of the access tunnels under the accelerator. He had to choose between his wife and making the world a better place for his coming child.

He chose to shut down the reactor. When he was making his way to the control room he was blocked by 5 security guards awaiting his arrival, he ran the other way but he got shot in the leg twice and also his chest, it was a miracle that he was still alive. He was in pain, his lungs were slowly filling with fluid and he was bleeding out. He limped and crawled his way to the biology lab nearby and found a abandoned Nano Bot experiment in a syringe, upon looking at the experiment papers it said it could potentially heal any wound and that side effects may include brain damage, he took the risk and injected him self with it and passed out in a few seconds. 

When he awoke he found that in place of his wounds they were scars and we went on with the task of taking out the accelerator, he was against time and instead of shutting it down properly he put a containment capsule containing "Dark Matter" in the way of the beam he figured that the harm that the weapon could cause would be greater that the amount of people that he would kill by doing this, upon activation he witnessed an inter-dimensional rift open and a dark hand came out of it and pulled him through the rift. The facility that had the particle accelerator was consumed by a black hole that removed all evidence of it existing from the face of the earth and the people that were there were never seen again. The black hole evaporated before it could cause any more damage and the government covered up all of it and dealt with anyone that knew anything about that incident.

Trivia Edit

  • He was named after Adsoy Orcun, ex-developer of Robocraft.