Amethyisa, the younger sister of Daikael, is cautious and less likely to help those she is not ordered to help or do not know. She is known to violate orders to protect her sister and to be ruthless on the battlefield.


Amethyisa served in the military with her older sister Daikael for several years before her sister left, she proceeded on with her career, eventually making the rank Brigadier. She continued to serve on the battlefield, becoming known for her ruthless tactics, the mere placement of her in a region struck fear into the hearts of enemies. After the war ended she was promoted to the rank Brigadier General, a position she continues to hold to this day.

Amethyisa later supervised the IDT's research and construction, advising her sister to not use it and let somebody else go through. She later followed her sister through and went missing after the academy incursion by legion, her whereabouts are currently unknown.



Main article: A.I.C.

Amethyisa's exosuit is equipped with the AIC system, allowing her to cancel the inertia of any object she can concentrate on.

Adaptive shieldingEdit

The adaptive shield system adapts to incoming damage, useful when going against an enemy that uses very few weapon types. The device can only adapt to two forms of damage at once.

Enhanced sensesEdit

Amethyisa has had her senses augmented, allowing them to be more sensitive and precise than a normal Kithsine.

Total awarenessEdit

Using all of her senses to their maximum efficiency she can reconstruct a mental image of the nearby battlefield, this includes opponents that may be hidden from plain sight. The accuracy of this falls as Amethyisa gets further away.

Burner scannerEdit

At the very moment of her death, her entire consciousness is transferred into a cloned body.


Quad impact cannons: The impact cannons are small spherical cannons that hover near Amethyisa, they fire a blast of compressed air at their target, causing varying levels of damage, from a small nudge to cutting through titanium.

Railgun pylons These pylons are equipped to accelerate small objects to high speeds, the muzzle velocity of the projectiles is mach 5 and the rate of fire is 160 rpm

Additional weaponsEdit

  • Dual Gauss Pistols
  • Grenades
  • Wrist-Concealed Laser Sword

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