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Amnesia was a series of S-RPs hosted by Forumlurker606. It was split into three parts, the first and second containing the bulk of the story. The main introduced character of these threads was Brooke.

Synopsis Edit

Characters Introduced Edit

Brooke Edit

Brooke was young adult mage, an elementalist, who was captured by the Draconid Order, and was mind-wiped of her life. She ran into many characters on Feltzin Prime, including Shard and Abyssus, and was the first to see robots produced by Pann Co. Robotics.

Draconid Order Edit

The Draconid Order is a group with the goal of harvesting humans and other organisms with special powers and gifts, and using them as bioweapons for an unknown purpose. They have also developed technology to implant fake madness into subjects, allowing for indirect mind control. Characters effected include:

  • Brooke (Amnesia, Madness: paranoia/fear)
  • Wafflei (Madness: aggression)

Vigilant Dawn Edit

The Vigilant Dawn is an order founded hundreds of years ago. Their goal is to deliver justice onto the world how they see fit, not always in accordance with how the rest of the world sees it, based on their strong belief in an 'eye for an eye' system.

Alira Edit

Alira was a young woman who attempted to exploit an amnesiac Mockingjay into helping her kill a member of the Vigilant Dawn. She successfully used Mockingjay to kill the man, and then left.