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The Amrax 200 shuttle is a civilian spacecraft line produced by Amrax space Incorporated.

They are marketed as the fastest ships for their low price.

Models Edit

The shuttles come in seven different types with a letter appended to their model number and a name.

200a "Accell" Edit

The Amrax 200a "Accell" is a one seated shuttle for extremely affordable yet fast travel, it is the cheapest of the 200 series.

200z "Zatta" Edit

The Amrax 200z "Zatta" is an upgraded version of the 200a "Acell", it comes with more luxurious seating, improved navigation systems and extra cupholders.

200b "Bance" Edit

The Amrax 200b "Bance" is the cheap two seater in the series, it is larger and slower but still aggressively priced.

200x "Xevu" Edit

The Amrax 200x "Xevu" is a luxurious edition of the "Bance" two seater, it has the same upgrades as the "Zatta" does but many complaints were filed about the conversion, mainly about the location of the navigation system and cupholders or the amount they slow down the spacecraft.

200r "Raiz" Edit

The Amrax 200r "Raiz" is the fastest in the ship line, it has many parts stripped for weight reduction and enhanced engines not to mention racing stripes, this makes it very popular with those who like some speed for their money, cupholders sold separately.

200q "Qi" Edit

The Amrax 200q "Qi" has the same size as the "Bance" but has a tiny cargo area instead of one of the seats, as the cheap freighter for small loads it is popular with postmen and smugglers alike.

200s "Sbez" Edit

The Amrax 200s "Sbez" is the expensive version of the cheap ship, it has many upgrades including enhanced engines and autonomous parking.

Technical Specifications Edit

Engines Edit

All crafts use dual engines based on CF-Alliance engine technology.

Safety Edit

All models are equipped with safety belts and have been crash tested.

FTL Edit

All models are capable of warp speed travel for short distances.

Trivia Edit

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