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Arcadian is a written and spoken language, originating from ancient Arcadians. It is composed of characters representing individual syllables, forming words and sentences. It is translatable to other languages, but requires much effort on the individual without a translator.

History Edit

The earliest forms of Arcadian originated several tens-of-thousands of years ago, resembling hieroglyphics. Over time, the language became simplified, its complex drawings becoming individual characters. Words have been revamped to be easier to pronounce, and with less confusion between accents and species.

Format and Organization Edit

Arcadian is composed of characters representing spoken syllables. It can be spoken across species with developed vocal chords.

Characters Edit

The Arcadian alphabet has thirty basic characters, made of strokes and dots. Each character has an audible pronunciation.


Words Edit

Arc Arcadian

Ar-kay-dee-en, translating literally into Arcadian

Words in Arcadian are formed by joining characters together. For instance, Ar-Cay-Dee-En, which translates easily into other languages as Arcadian.

Grammar Edit

Arcadian is written left-to-right, without indentation. Between each complete word is a space, standard sizing being 1.5 characters wide.

Punctuation Edit

Arc Punctuation

Stop, Command, Question marks

Ending Sentences Edit

There are three ways to properly end a sentence in Arcadian, stops, commands, and questions. However, a QUESTION will have two question marks, one at the beginning and one at the end.

Pauses Edit

Arc Quote

Quote Brackets

When a sentence needs a pause in between words, a dash ( - ) is used. These function similar to commas, but are not used when listing nouns.

Quotes Edit

Quotes are places within special brackets at either end of the quote. Ending punctuation is within the quote brackets.

Stanzas Edit

Arcadian is written in stanzas, with each line under the previous. A space is added between each completed stanza.

Names Edit

Arcadian names are written purely as they are pronounced. However, Human, Victa, or other cultures names are written in their native language, with quote brackets around them.

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