Artemis De'temir is a Colonel and commands the 2601st airborne regiment in the Kithsine Airborne Marines, All forces under her command are kithsine with wings or some form of assisted flight and she is known for her high mobility, even though she lacks heavy weapons and troops that other commanders so rely on.


Artemis is generally clad in a white, loose robe. She has silver-white hair and a pair of pure white wings with a wingspan of roughly 2 meters when fully extended.


Artemis only recently was drafted into the military during the invasion by an unknown alien force during 2155. Due to her education she was placed in as an officer and company leader in the 2601st airborne regiment, stationed at the homeworlds. They assumed this would be an easy deployment until reports came in that the enemy were drilling through fleets, heading towards the homeworld. Her regiment was to hold the line until the construction of planetary warp systems could be completed, falling back before this point due to being overwhelmed by the enemy.

After the battle she was promoted to lieutenant colonel and placed in charge of one of the 6 battalions in the regiment. As soon as she came into command she refit most the heavy MEC units to be lighter and more maneuverable, noting that they were near useless in battle due to being easily overwhelmed to the enemy forces. After finishing these upgrades and being deployed to Antalon to protect the remote shield generator located there, protecting the IDPG from enemy attack as well as the planetary shield generator. Her forces were able to keep up with the enemy and had the highest effectiveness out of the entire regiment, eventually resulting in her promotion to Colonel and resulting in her taking command of the entire regiment. Her forces are currently stationed at Aquella for planetary defence.


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