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Asha Ferregar is a young woman with a criminal background.


Asha has brown middle eastern type skin, brown eyes and black hair in a plait.


Asha was born on Astrum Station to a single mother who recently settled there.

At age 7 her mother remarried but she never liked him or her new stepbrothers and got into fights with them.

As a child she often got into fights and never made any lasting friends.

As a teen she already got into minor criminal activities at the impoverished station.

At age 19 Asha joined a local group of raiders taking control of supply ships and selling the cargo on the underground market.

Recently the group got caught and Asha managed to flee in a stolen civilian ship.

Personality Edit


  • Decent combat capabilities, mainly with compact weapons
  • Moderate technical and hacking capability
  • Has a small droid with the intelligence of a talking dog that can enter computer systems.


  • Her father is still wandering somewhere, she might go search him.

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