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The Astrum Station is a large space habitat of toroidal shape, it rotates to provide simulated gravity through centrifugal force.

History Edit

Astrum was built to accommodate people fleeing from the broken Earth and overhauled later to house more people.

Conception Edit

The original concept was to establish a luxurious cylindrical space habitat for about ten thousand people, away from Earth's political turmoils.

Construction Edit

The station was built in orbit to Earth using materials launched from the Moon, which was done using mass drivers. The station was self-sustainable and had designated agricultural zones for food and minor production facilities for other items but imported other goods like luxury items. Settlers would pay a hefty price to live on the station but they would be safe and live in relative peace.

Overhaul Edit

Later when Earth turmoils spread the station was positioned outside Earth orbit and the large torus was built around it as an expansion using materials harvested from asteroids. The expansion increased the total inhabitants accommodated for to about 150 thousand but less luxuriously than before. Inhabitants and agriculture were moved and the original module in the center was re-purposed as additional production facilities. Many people migrating from Earth settled at the station.

Current Edit

The station became outdated, overpopulation and poverty stroke with surging food shortages, unemployment and crime rates.

Structure Edit

The station consists of the original module at the center and the torus connected with long arms to the central module.

Center Edit

What used to be the original space station has been redesigned for zero g manufacturing and docking of spaceships.

The long arms connecting to the torus are made from strong materials holding the station together while rotating, they house elevators and other processes profiting from minimal simulated gravity.

Torus Edit

The torus has simulated gravity from the rotating station's centrifugal forces nearing Earth's with an acceleration at ground level of 8,6 m/s^2.

It is split up into six urban zones and six agricultural zones:

Urban zones are positioned near the arms for easier transports, they house the majority of Astrum citizens and structured as a city with residential and commercial areas.

Agrarian zones are positioned in between the arms and supply the station with food, few people live here managing agriculture.

Trivia Edit

  • The toroidal space station is based on the Stanford torus
  • Astrum is latin for star.

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