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Project Athena was built to combat the threat of legion, the existence of a project is classified above top secret, only the scientists involved, Daikael, and amethyisa know of its existence.


The subject for the project has lost all memories and is extremely violent, caution and a small armada are recommended for any confrontations.

She has taken up mercenary work as of late so she can shoot things and get payed for it.


Revenge strikeEdit

Athena can absorb any damage that would be dealt to it and can fire it at anything it desires, causing all the damage it had taken to be released at once to a single target.


The over-shield while active disrupts the function of the revenge strike ability and the subjects weaponry, but makes them nearly invincible to even DD(doomsday) class weaponry.

Incomplete burner scanner arrayEdit

Her burner scanner is an experimental model, providing higher speeds and reaction but is vulnerable to remote hacking.


Zeus's cannonEdit

This massive cannon replaces the subjects left arm and cannot be removed, it is capable of at full power destroying small moons and is sued in conjunction with the Revenge Strike ability.

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