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The following article is no longer being updated. It's content has been retired from regular RP use by its respective author. It is now legacy content.

Pine (B-5) is a Synthetic soldier who's been forced into a world of thrill-seeking mayhem.

Appearance Edit

B-5 appears to be an ordinary human in his early to mid-twenties. He has longish brown hair, deep blue eyes and is a fairly average build for his "age".

Biography Edit

B-5, or "Pine", is a "Synth-Cyber" soldier hybrid designed by Solace. He recently regained some of his lost memories, only to find out that he has been "possessed" by a strange girl calling herself "Crafter".

Abilities Edit

B-5 was originally designed with over-seas and undercover operations in mind. For these purposes he is fitted with the following;

  • Healing nanobots these activate upon "death", and reconstruct the hosts body. (This is standard issue for most Solace made synths.)
  • Much improved hearing.
  • Built-in translator that translates most known languages from the time.
  • A voice emulator that allows the user to mimic any voice.
  • General physical enhancements such as increased stamina, strength, and speed. (Standard issue for a B-Line.)

Trivia Edit

  • The plural of "Pine" can look awkward if you typo.

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