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Babel is a gigantic life-form the size of a large moon. His abnormal size does, however, force his location to remain in the Scutum-Centaurus Arm as he can't evade his own star system.

Appearance Edit

Being too large to accomplish much else but raw processing power, Babel has contact with billions of literally mindless, biological drones for him to command at his own will. Not technically a hivemind, Babel uses these empty bodies to complete his tasks. They vary in shape and size, but most have large, bulb like black eyes and a large array of beautiful colors spread across their slick fur. The majority of these drones posses the ability to fly, or at least two sets of wings.

Geology Edit

The surface of Babel is maintained in a polished status by his drones, and so normally looks unnaturally clean. The entire exterior is a shining silver in color, with green line like lights spreading across the full surface of him. There are entrances to dark tunnels all through him, which lead to various rooms designated to different purposes.

Personality Edit

At first Babel appears to have a particularly bombastic personality. He often exclaims his sentences in an eerily friendly tone, as if to force comfort into the people he talks to. However, the more one talks to Babel the more they tend to realize how empty and emotionless he can be. This is likely as a result of his vast knowledge and competence in information seeking, as knowing as much as he does can dull someones mind. But it is very possible that it is normal for his species.

In his speech he often determines the exact values of particular variables, over-complicating the conversation quickly in a rather condescending fashion.

Abilities Edit

The main aspect that overall decides his potency is in his ability to obtain and apply information at alarming rates. Babel has the ability to, not only apply technology fast, but piece together minuscule amounts of data and determine multiple likely outcomes to situations quick enough to prepare himself for each one with one sweeping move.

This makes him a deadly opponent and a useful ally, but as hinted at by The Illuminates Door, he certainly isn't unstoppable. After all, he is still one, mortal being. Or at least most people seem to think so. Some of the reason he can gather information so fast is because he can technically be in multiple places at once, due to his drones.

Trivia Edit

  • Babel is mostly a plot device, and should be treated as such. Although he seems powerful at first, any interaction with him should provide a meaningful and (mostly) logical escape. As you could expect, Babel is not intended to appear in the RP often.
  • When Babel first encountered humans, he seemed to know almost exactly how they would behave and why. He later confirmed to know all this by observing their behavior and appearance immediately after seeing them.

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