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Baneblade is a humanoid mecha. It is short and very fast, can jump very high, quick automatic reactions but a damaged processor means he thinks very slowly and has a split personality.

Appearance Edit

Short humanoid mech, looks like a black cat. Red eyes when evil, Blue eyes when good.

Biography Edit

Baneblade has a long biography that i am writing in a word document to upload later.

When Dak Spaceman found the broken Baneblade on U.S.S FUKO (pronounced fyuko) he fixed him up with the parts he had available, mainly an intel i3 processor... Bane escapes, stuff happens and Bane is dormant for a few years...  but then a few meters away from where he slumps, built into a wall he detects... a meeting.

Abilities Edit

Baneblade Tank

Baneblade is an AI so he can access the internet, hack anything and process things quickly (well, he thinks he can but that quantum core with 2000GHz with 10TB GOAT was replaced with an intel i3 core and 4GB RAM card so things are not so great in his head).  Running an OS with so many functions on such a small processor has left him unable to think straight as the OS is stripped to minimum functions.  Also when communicating with Baneblade it would be advised not to let any direct data pass between computers.  After 30 years without updating his anti-virus has lead to...  unexpected results - the viruses have proved incompatible with his OS.  However, it makes Baneblade go through random fits of uncontrolled EVIL.

BaneBlade is fitted with the BaneBlade (sword), a very sharp and light metal blade strengthened with protonium alloy. He is also fitted with a laser weapon, but he doesn't realize he has it when he is sane. 

Using abandoned TX-1 technology Baneblade's processor can redirect damage to minimize its effect and regenerate slowly over time.  Baneblade's physical abilities allow him to run at 70mph (mech legs go this fast) and to jump 30 feet in the air (T1 legs do this).

Can take control of any vehicle.

Trivia Edit

  • A Baneblade is a massive super-heavy tank
  • Is an ally with the imperium of mankind, don't ask to fight them, they're OP
  • I am gothems rektenating
  • Mars Triumphant

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