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"Compromised systems must be terminated. Compromised SSD units should be eradicated."

―Dispatch 229


Usually known as Bee, this AI is ruthless. It's only known goal is to survive through spreading its copies throughout the cyber-verse, according to CF dispatch 225.


Early on in the CF-A's establishment, prior to the coup and eventual take-over by Reader, there were a series of experiments on "digital clones", the idea of creating an android copy of a human. Their goal was to make an endless army of cheap copies of their troopers, but the results were unsatisfactory. This caused the project to be scrapped.

In one of the first trials a director incorrectly predicted that the process could be rushed without any negative side effects. Not only did hundreds of soldiers lose parts of their mind as an immediate result, but their copies were often malfunctioning and several went rogue. As time went on, CF hackers took care of each rampant AI copy but there was one who got away.

Actions in RPEdit

Notable achievements include;

  • When Lijosu was at danger of execution from E-14, Bee copied Lijosu's mind into a new clone, and another copy was made to form Rojosu.
  • Was the head of cloning during the first Zinrius flood, where ShockHerman used the AI to help make a military force of Zinrius clones.
  • Made WaffleI less psychopathic via some genetic modifications.
  • In 2155, all active copies were deleted in a Cyberattack, shortly after the master clone was trapped in a cybernetic clone of Tanya Sapien , which then self-detonated in an attempt to escape the body.