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Isabelle M. Emilia or Belle is a 14 year old girl that has a fairly unusual amount of knowledge for someone at that age and typically spends most of her time researching,building small robots, computers, and other easily constructable gadgets.

Biography Edit

Belle's development of her engineering knowledge may have been during the time when she was 8 and begun to have an interest in robots. Belle started tinkering with basic electrical pathways then progressed from basic electrical gadgets to complex gadgets such as powerful computers to complex power systems that would make an average engineer gaze in awe. Belle did not have any special training during that time and just read textbooks and notes from her deceased grandfather, who was an engineer so that was complex, and hard to understand. The origin of her knowledge of creating synthesized slime tissues came from her research of Victa Primus tissues. She thought she could make muscles that were more durable than the Victa Primus'. She then started experimenting with them when she was 13 and progressed to making some durable tissues that were of a slime like substance.


Belle is a clever 14 year old human that's a bit paranoid of showing her work to the public because of a fear that people would kidnap her and force her to develop weapons that are capable of causing great harm. She spends her time doing her hobby of making small robots, devices, or any nifty things she thinks about but is currently occupied with school because she wants to be "normal" to the general eye of the public rather than being mysterious like her grandfather. She often hangs out with certain individuals like Moe and a certain Pokemon-like armadillo.

Accomplishments Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Ebbit the telepathic potato is happy now
  • Horace will get you ebbit
  • Ebbit is scared
  • D: who is this Horace, does he have a wiki page?

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