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Blades of Destiny was a large RP thread, topping over 500 pages. It holds the record as the largest Robocraft RP to date and the second longest on the entire forum. It was hosted by ShockHerman during June 2015.

Main Plot Edit

Shock was making investigations in an unknown planet, after discovering a mysterious maze he found himself trapped in the planet, he sent a distress signal for everyone who was able to help him, but everyone who picked up the signal and went to the planet ended trapped too.

The maze later revealed its purpose when the gate guardian appeared and explained that the maze was built by an ancient race as a trial of coming of age, and to leave the planet safely, the group should complete all challenges inside.

Side Plots Edit

Gloom's Assassination PlanEdit

Before the mercenary Chow-Chow Branco and the bounty hunter Akari Anissa arrive to Shock's location, they were both hired by Lijosu to terminate a target that according to him would be there too, a Victa Primus called Gloom. Both reluctantly accept the offer and planned a way to finish the little Victa.

The plan was simple, knowing the terminate disease of Gloom and aware that he controlled them using nanobots, Akari would find the frequency the nanobots worked and deactivate them, leaving him almost hopeless against Branco. As safety measure, both drank larges amount of iron to counter the parasites, but the only thing they had to drink that contain iron was... Blood packs. Plus the effects of iron intoxication would kill both if they ingest too much.

But after progressing through the maze, fighting endless guardians and surpassing interminable challenges, Akari started develop maternal feelings for Gloom, who was just a kid that time, alone in a maze. This even put to test Chow-Chow Branco and Akari's romance, which almost shattered in middle of inner fights. At the end Branco saw what they were about to do and regretted doing such deal with Lijosu. After this, both Akari and Branco started to protect Gloom till the Maze completion.

In the end of the Maze, they quickly tried to find Gloom's mother, Sandwich, but they were intercepted by Lijosu, who gained new powers using Corruption. Branco could not stand against the pirate and was bout to meet his death if Reader and Cy didn't intervene in time. During the distraction Akari saved Branco and took him to Sandwich's ship, escaping from the planet and from Lijosu.

After this, both Akari and Branco decided to quit their lives as mercenaries and headed out to Yandala to start a new life as commoners.