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Brooke is a sage, a human subspecies with the extremely rare ability to manipulate matter, energy, space, and in some cases time subconsciously. This ability can manifest in many different ways.

Biography Edit

Brooke had a normal childhood under both parents, she was their unique daughter and was raised without anything notable happening around her life until she was 14.When she was 14, her gifts manifested rather violently, obliterating a shop. No-one was hurt. Soon after, she was approached by another sage named madam Ko who taught her to control her abilities to a certain degree. This was after haven was founded, but before it was possible to easily travel between the pocket dimension and the normal world. Right after this, the draconid order made their move. They abducted Brooke and took her to a cloaked station to prepare her for the process that would have turned her into a weapon of mass destruction.

Abilities Edit

Brooke is a prodigy elementalist, showing herself to be an apt pyromancer and aeromancer as well as recently discovering cryomancy, aquamancy, and teramancy (earth, air, fire, water, and ice)

Fire Edit

The first element that Brooke rediscovered after her mind wipe, fire is Brooke's go-to element for offense. She can create walls, throw and manipulate fireballs; and create streams, whips, and bursts. Fire often combos well with other elements to create openings and combine for devastating attacks.

Air Edit

The second element Brooke relearned was air. Air is a superb utility tool in combat as it allows the user to have high mobility while being able to manipulate their opponent with ease. Brooke is able to create cyclones, throw compressed blasts, enhance her speed and jump height, and throw around opponents with controlled bursts and cyclones

Ice Edit

Ice is by far the most versatile of Brooke's abilities, and the one she's been working hardest to master. With ice she can create barriers and spikes that she can control, she can freeze opponents, and she can even create temporary tools and weapons.

Water Edit

Brooke has found that Water is an extremely useful tool when paired with ice, though she is not particularly good at using it bybitself. Using water tendrils and then freezing them in place is a very effective way to subdue enemies non-lethally. Many healing abilities have also been linked to an affinity with aquamancy.

Earth Edit

Brooke has not yet started training extensively with earth, although her early testing has shown that she is very capable of teramancy, she chose to focus on other elements.

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