Bulwark is the leader of the Blood lead Defense. A Victa primus government organization designated to the Cerberus' security and military. She doesn't interact with humans often and more often than not will avoid their affairs.

History Edit

Bulwark was born on Cerberus in 2064. Much like Gloomy, she had no intent of becoming a leader until she was elected as a candidate. A large difference between their tales however, is that Bulwark trained to be a powerful guard for the Blood lead Defense and desired to do so since a very young age.

The Thressilye Expedition Edit

As a single exception, Bulwark made contact with humans to infiltrate the security systems of Thressilye for the first time in a millennium. This prompted her to come up with a human name, which she decided on "Bulwark". After a deadly battle in the orbit of the planet, she took defense with her fleet outside.

During this time, kithsine began an attack on the planet and her fleet as a consequence of a successful assault attempt by Sandwich's pet, Moon. Bulwark held her ground and sought for negotiation. After this heroic action, she had become well known for being one of the very few to ever negotiate with kithsine during an attack.

Trivia Edit

  • Bulwark is an incredibly minor character and has only been shown in one RP thread to date, An Ancient Animosity.

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