The Big Undistributed Standing Terminator Endurance Robot, abbreviated B.U.S.T.E.R, or Buster, is a giant bipedal defense robot, originally designed by Pancakei. It was never fully constructed, and was abandoned underneath the factory on Doven. When Doven was destroyed by Quartex, it was left in the open. It was later found by Caroline during iON's reconstruction of Doven.

Biography Edit

B.U.S.T.E.R was originally concepted and built by Pancakei previous to iON's takeover, but it was abandoned incomplete in the cave systems under Doven. It was uncovered by Caroline, who finished the building, and set a trap inside of the Doven facility reconstruct, designed to distract and kill any intruders. After a large fight, which ended up trashing Doven, it was taken down, sinking the whole facility into the caves below.

Hardware Edit

Buster in itself is very large, topping at well over 15 meters, as tall as the Doven Facility itself. It is armed with impressive weaponry aswell as his large mass, including a Quad-Barreled Laser Cannon, Rotary Energy Missile Pods, Mortars, Triple Rail Cannons, and a devastating Energy Bomb launcher.


The battle with B.U.S.T.E.R

It is heavily armored, able to withstand explosions, elements, bullets, and EMP waves. It is able to crush smaller objects under its immense weight, and was able to wreak havoc on the Doven Facility, with little to no damage to itself.


  • While unnoticeable, Buster's Robotic AI is female, not male.
  • Buster's mechanics are based off of NEOGuards.
    • However, unlike NEOGuards, Buster does not have dual-jointed legs.
  • Buster was inspired by the Giganto-Mech, from the Ratchet and Clank series.

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