The Carbon-6 Dual Engine VTOL, nicknamed the Corvus, is a medium-sized civilian and military grade aircraft designed for both atmospheric and short-term space flight. The crafts dual engines are located on its wingtips and chassis, providing vertical takeoff and landings. This craft is available for public purchase.

Chassis Edit

The Corvus has a sleek, angled chassis with two large folding wings. The end of the craft has small wiglets for additional control and stability, and a back door leading directly into the cargo bay.

The shuttle interior contains a small room for sleeping, and a modular cargo Bay. The craft has sports a decent life support system, able to keep its crew alive for up to a few weeks without resupplying.

The underside of the craft contains folding landing gear, as well as bays for attaching weaponry.

Propulsion Edit

The Corvus has four main fuel-based engines, attached along its chassis. These provide the main form or propulsion, for both atmospheric and space flight. Along the chassis are several small RCS thrusters, designed to improve maneuverability in space and aid in landing the craft gently.

Attached to the wingtips are two large rotating thrusters, which rest near-vertically while landed. These provide the main form of vertical thrust, allowing for vertical ascent, and faster angled acceleration.

Private models of the Corvus contain a small warp drive, able to quickly cover distances between warp gates and civilizations in space travel. However, the drive must be spooled and cooled before and after use, limiting chain warping.

Armaments Edit

While the civilian models of the Corvus lack any weaponry, private and military models boast built in weapons, as well as bays for storing and attaching weapons. Armed models of the Corvus sport two repeating laser turrets attached to the bottom of the chassis. Additionally, laser cannons and missile pods can be attached to the bottom of the crafts wings, and the underside of the craft contains modular bomb bays.

Nearly all variants of the Corvus contain a small dynamic shield generator, able to take moderate fire without damaging the craft. However, this shield does not protect from large impacts.

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