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The CF-A and E-14 Treaty was made so that CF-Alliance and E-14 could continue their fight for land on Mars and other planets without civilian casualties. The treaty states that if the CF-A or E-14 were to intrude or spy on each others affairs the treaty would be broken. If either faction were to harm or kill each others members the treaty would be broken. Although the treaty is known by superior members of each faction, the treaty is often unknown to civilians.

Robot Battles Edit

There are areas designated for the two factions to battle. Civilians have been allowed to spectate these battles and join them if they have enough money to rent a bot or build one their selves, the best bot builders and pilots get sponsored by the CF-Alliance and E-14. Then the new pilot is given the chance to fight for either side for land and resources. When the battle is over the competitors get payed for their services by their representative factions. The winning team gets payed more and their sponsors gain the land and resources they fought for. The losing team gets payed less than the winning team. If a competitor is good enough they eventually get hired by their sponsors. The competitors control bots so there are no human causalities. Robot battles are held on Mars and GJ 1214b.