The CF-Alliance is a galactic corporation that controls large amounts of resources across the galaxy. They are currently at war with E-14. They have recently struck a treaty with E-14. They also manufacture SCUs, Military robots,weapons and defensive items.

History Edit

The CF-Alliance's original goal was to be a representative for civilians since big corporations like E-14 were being unfair and not abiding to the worker's rights treaty. They decided to begin mining for resources on Mars and the moons around Jupiter while using Helium from its atmosphere to power colonies on mars. When Protonium was discovered on Mars, E-14 came and decided to claim land that was not theirs, sparking a disagreement. So the CF began to fight E-14 and war broke out. Adsoy Orcun, the CF-Alliance's head strategist killed the founder Harrison "Reciter" Morris and usurped it. The CF-Alliance's image to the public degraded as Adsoy, the new dictator, committed in-humane acts of war. As a result, CF was considered as 'Evil forces'. However Reader, the head strategist of CF at the time had a plan to kill Adsoy and regain the CF's image to the public. The plan succeeded and and he was appointed to leader of the CF.


Nano Sensor Network (N.S.N.)Edit

This is a network of billions of Nano Sensors that are distributed in specific areas. The sensors are powered by movement and solar energy and have batteries so that they can continue even when it is not possible to generate energy, they send information on almost everything through other Nano sensors and eventually back to the CF. They do not have any mode of transportation and rely on other things to transport them like the wind, water, life forms or other things. The signals they send are detectable but will most likely be mistaken for natural radiation. They are not self replicating so they have to be redistributed every once in a while. Their existence is only known by a few top CF personnel. The Nano Sensors look like tiny specs of carbon when looked at under a microscope.

Personnel Capturing Edit

The CF have once captured Professor Simmons (the inventor of the Nano-Disruptors), but he was recovered shortly after by E14 forces.

Invention and Author Claiming Edit

The CF-Alliance is also claimed to be the developer of the Caterpillar Track and the author of The Daily Robot, CF also was the inventor of the CLM and the IND.

"'Property Heist"' Edit

The CF-Alliance have also actively stealing both weapons and Data from E-14, which Included Lock-On Missile Laucher (LOML) and Bot data from CRF.

Trivia Edit

  • The CF claims to be using 13% of their resources to continue "war" with E-14.
  • It is unknown what CF stands for.