Carbon-6 is a privately run and operated research and development firm, dedicated mostly to the progression of science and the general well-being of the galaxy's inhabitants. They operate out of many locations, ranging from civilian stations to confidential bunkers and factory locations.


Research and Development Edit

Carbon-6 has a massive R&D program that engages in a wide variety of scientific disciplines, including bionics, robotics, cybernetics, genetics, physics, and biology. These programs push to further the general understanding of the universe.

Robotics Edit

Carbon-6's main forefront is its robotic engineering program, ranging from civil use and defense to military mechs, as well as other implements of destruction. Such robots include Wolfdroids, Ferrons, Quadbots, mechs, power suits, the NEO line, and excavation robots.

Project Zeus Edit

Project Zeus is a small bionic and biological program, with the aim of integrating electrokinesis, as well as other forms of matter manipulation, into Cyborgs, and eventually humans. Naturally, Wafflei is at the head of the project.

Aims Edit

The overall goal of the organization is unknown, though in recent years they have established themselves as a galactic faction and military presence. They engage in many philanthropic acts, seemingly at no gain to themselves.

Characters Affiliated with C-6Edit

Erimack SomashiEdit

Somashi is the company's leader/acting president. He occasionally acts with disdain, though this is due to his schedule being extremely busy.


Dervicus is the head of C-6's engineering department, and possesses a massive intellect. His real name is Darren Kelfritz.


Carkodus is a full-body cyborg, and the acting General of C-6's PMC.



The emblem of Project Zeus

Hera is a former human turned into an AI, who overlooks and controls of the C-6 station Apocrypha.


Wafflei is under the employment of Carbon-6, in the robotic engineering and dimensional research divisions, and the header of Project Zeus.

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