Caroline, otherwise known as Dark Wafflei or Demon Wafflei, is a female Hacrobia Mortem from Limbo, and the first of her kind. She was originally created from corruption by an insane Abyssus in the likeness of Wafflei, copying her intelligence and body. After her defeat, her soul was sent to drift in Limbo for almost a year, before being awoken by Shard coming to power. She was responsible for the Pann Co. Genocide, as well as the near-complete genocide of Feltzin Prime.

Caroline is the biological mother of Vox and Maiya, and was the being that had was written over Ellie's soul.

Biography Edit

Blades of Destiny Edit

Caroline was conceived within the Maze during Blades of Destiny, when Wafflei was dropped into a nest of corruption. The process killed Wafflei, exiling her outside to the Maze. Meanwhile, the corruption, missing its host, instead created a new being from the mold, haphazardly copying Wafflei before she was removed. The result was a sentient demon linked to corruption, in the image of her.

She then worked with Abyssus in a plan to capture and convert the entire group, but after Abyssus abandoned her for the crimson, she took over the nest, vowing to kill the entire group. She copied DNA from several members of the group, and made deals with Lijosu. After a fight with the group, she was caught in an explosion, tearing a cut through her right eye. Later, she took advantage of Shard's dormant corruption and absorbed into her bloodstream, as a free pass out of the Maze, without being caught by the guardians.

Academy Edit

When Shard exited the maze, Caroline left her bloodstream while Shard was having an emotional panic attack, forming from a pool of Shard's blood. She, still linked to the corruption, immediately tried to kill the group. After a weakening conflict, Wafflei caught her off guard, and helped finish her off in a sadistically comedic way.

Limbo Edit

After her defeat, Caroline was exiled to drift in Limbo for all eternity, she took this time to rest and plot, before Shard came to power. She was awoken and noticed the expedition group making their way through Limbo. Stuck without a physical body, she cut a deal with Shard, espionage work in exchange for a body of Glitch.

She used this glitch body to shape-shift into the likeness of Caroline Finnick, a woman who died young centuries ago. She adopted the name and proceeded to spy on the group as an inside agent. Later, she stole Wafflei's rift engine into her body, and broke free of the bounds of Limbo, free to walk the living world.

She later applied for head engineer of Pann Co, using her intelligence and abilities to lure and manipulate her way to the top. She later annexed the company, killing everyone. She reformed it into iON robotics, and started to build a high public image while plotting how to kill her enemies.

ObliviON Edit

"But because you chose to come here and force my hand, you’ve already guaranteed your greatest failure." -Caroline
Caroline formed iON robotics from the ruins of Pann Co, creating a high public image, twisting the public to her will. She recorded and framed Shard and Sodalite as suspected terrorists, as well as the Duskwings. She put a bounty on the Sages, trying to find the location of Haven.

After leading the group on a goose chase to Doven, she ambushed them with an attack from B.U.S.T.E.R, a giant bipedal mech Pancakei had abandoned on Doven. The fight with the colossal mech ended up collapsing the entirety of the facility, thanks to Ataxia weakening the cave support structures.

Once the group broke into her cave storage facility, she trapped the group in the Matter Manipulator Wing. She told them about how she knew she could never beat them, and that they would never truly accept death. She ambushed them in a personal Scorpion mech, fighting them inside of the Manipulator Wing. After a battle, the mech was destroyed, forcing her out of it. She tried to escape, but Cy used an explosive in an attempt to kill her.

She fell into her own Matter Manipulator, holding on and begging for mercy. Cy and Abyssus ultimately left her hanging (literally) and set off an antimatter bomb, destroying the whole planetoid. She ejected an escape pod containing Vox and Maiya's eggs, before dropping into the matter manipulator. Caroline was split apart at the molecular level, with her last laugh. Her death caused all of iON's service bots to go berserk, murdering billions of innocents on Feltzin Prime, killing a whopping 80% of the planets population.

Her soul was captured by the SDP, and placed into a maximum security security chamber, before eventually being terminated for her crimes, assuring she would never plague the Living world or the Afterlife again.

Appearance Edit


Caroline's natural, undisguised form.

Caroline in her natural demon form is a dark and loose copy of Wafflei, with dark skin, messy black hair, empty eyes with red irises, and a scar running down her right eye. She has natural weapons, including claw-like nails, sharp teeth with fangs, and four slender tendrils, used for trapping and stabbing. Her skin is made of a rough scaly material, and her "clothing" Is actually a tough exoskeleton made of bone and muscle built into her body.

Caroline in her human form has dark maroon hair, red irises, pale skin, and is somewhat tall.

Personality Edit

Caroline has a very childish and deranged personality, often speaking in demented rhymes, quotes, and sayings. She has deep grudges and loathes the group who killed her. She is very intelligent, having a copy of Wafflei's intelligence, particularly in engineering. She is power hungry, and wants nothing more than to painfully kill her enemies, only Caroline will often manipulate the weaker minded with her morph-able body and voice, manipulating them to her will. She prefers not to engage in direct combat, instead tricking and luring victims into a position where she is at the most power. She feeds off corpses and souls, notably the human heart, and causing death can make her enter a frenzy.

Abilities Edit

Morphing Edit

Caroline has a morphable body of glitch (Fabric of Limbo), allowing her to change her form within limits. Her natural form is dark and loose, but can copy the identities of humans, notably Caroline Finnick and Wafflei.

Rift Engine Edit

After stealing the rift engine, she gained an inert ability to rift walk, though it is incredibly tiring to her and requires attention. Minor scale teleportation requires much less energy and can be performed relatively quickly.

Themes Edit

Caroline's general theme is Bach's "Little" (Fugue in G Minor).

Bach - Fugue in G Minor (Remix)02:25

Bach - Fugue in G Minor (Remix)

Trivia Edit

  • Caroline's personality is rather close to that of Opal Koboi from the Artemis Fowl series, which was unintentional, and rather coincidental with the events at the time.
  • Caroline was originally going to be named Coraline, a reference to the movie 'Coraline', but Pancakei's memories of the spelling failed him.
    • No, Caroline is not a Portal reference.
  • Caroline is similar in chaotic nature to the Japanese Demon, Jikininki. The Jikininki feeds off of dead corpses and souls for fuel.
  • As an artificially created Demon, it was unknown whether or not Caroline can reproduce.
    • This was later proved true. God help us.
  • In her natural form, her irises are replaced with six red irises, forming a pentagram.
    • This pattern is also very slightly visible in human form, though almost invisible.
  • While never ranked in power, she resided in low B-Rank.
    • Due to her extreme and lasting impact on both physical and ethereal realms, Caroline was categorized as a S-Rank after her death.

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