Ceris Ake'tre is a kithsine of unknown origin, she is not affiliated with any known governments and does not speak any human languages. In the one event where she was captured she withheld any information she may have had to her origins excluding a single word, "parthenos", it is unclear what that means.


Ceris generally wears a cape that covers her body which can be easily removed. Under the cape she wears fairly loose clothing that doesn't cover very much of her person. She has no abnormal ears or tails to show that she is in fact kithsine.


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Blinking Edit

Ceris is capable of frequent short range teleportation, it can only reach 15 meters and she can blink once every 15 seconds.

Weapon Redirection Edit

She can redirect the direction her blades are moving mid flight, allowing her to hit with increased accuracy or hit multiple targets.

Automated systemsEdit

Similar to what Daikael has but more advanced, Ceris can continue to engage in combat at near full effectiveness even while unconscious due to an AI implanted in her.

Blade Storm Edit

Blade storm is a larger scale version to her previous ability she can release all of her blades at once and create a tornado of sorts around her with them, lashing out with them to attack enemies or defend herself from harm, this exhausts her though and if used too often, cause her to pass out


  • knives made from an unknown alloy, can cut through tungsten like warm butter
  • plasma saber
  • two rather large knives that can puncture shielding with ease as well as cut through most known armor plates
  • the fact she looks hot

Utility DevicesEdit

  • She has a small device that can break localized military grade encryption with ease, however this only works on devices such as doors and container locks.
  • silent breaching charges
  • stealth device that allows her to hide from sensors, she can still be seen visually though
  • boobs

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