The Colonel is a retired commander of the UNOE army.

A command witch ended after he was convinced he was immortal and became suicidal.

He is a strategist mastermind and has sometimes been referred to as a technological genius 

Appearance Edit

The Colonel has been described as a tall and well posed man, fairly well trained man with an "intimidating" appearance.

Not much more is known about this person due to classifications from the UNOE.

Biography Edit

The Colonel was a high ranked commander in the UNOE's army.

But during a raid on an army base he was positioned in he was tragically killed with a shot to the head.

Due to unknown circumstances he returned a few days later to the nearby base of [Redacted by UNOE] in prime condition. He was forcefully retired when he became suicidal after said incident.He has been described to do insane thing just to try and end his life putting everyone around him at risk. His current location is unknown due to any tracing attempt has ended with said tracker only finding a decoy. These decoys have also been noticed to bee used by him to do field work. Keeping him safe and alive.

During the time he served the UNOE he was one of the top commanders and was a prime example on how strategy could lead anyone to victory. After the aforementioned accident he has been reported trying to take on godlike beings "just for the heck of it" as he described it.

One thing to be noted is that he is known for being able to develop technologies beyond human imagination witch has made him a prime target for the USSR. 

After a loss of any contact with him for about [REDACTED] weeks he resurfaced in the northern US and described to "Have the power to fucking destroy everything" as said from the locals.

Note: He has been described as extremely rude due to him having no fears after his immortality.

Abilities Edit

-High intelligence and engineering skills

-Extreme knowledge of tactics making him an excellent commander. 

-Extremely experienced in combat.

-Able to "disappear" not to be found by anyone

-"Immortality" (not officially confirmed by the UNOE)

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