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On the surface the Crimson Order is just a large exporter for new materials and such under the name Crimsonian trade routes.


The Crimson Order has very advanced technologies such as medicine and space vessels.


The military is comprised of a very brutal and powerful space fleet. It consists of very well trained soldiers.


The main trading station is situated on Venus, however, it reaches further to the northern parts of the Milky Way.

Political InfluenceEdit

The Crimson Order has some influence on certain Earth countries such as Artstoska and the South Asian Federation.

It is unknown if they have direct control over the trading though.

People Associated with the FactionEdit

  • Mr. Cake: One of the confirmed leaders
  • Mr biscotti: A technical engineer [RETIRED]
  • Robocake: An explorer
  • Sif: One of the Confirmed leaders
  • [REDACTED]: One of the unknown leaders