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Cy is a research-oriented cyborg working within EDEN, best described as a living Swiss army knife. His entire body is composed of a material that he calls flux metal. He has shown himself capable of manipulating this flux metal in any imaginable way.

Cy is a brilliant inventor, with some of his most notable inventions are the commanders: Sentient robots that are completely loyal to Cy. These commanders currently have possession of the ring of moons surrounding Jupiter.

Technology Edit

A great inventor, Cy frequently spends large chunks of time inside his laboratory developing new technologies. Since the events of Blades of Destiny he has had a particular interest in crystal and biological technologies.

Combat Edit

In combat, Cy's preferred ranged weapons are his "peacemaker" plasma revolvers and Tesla throwing knives. The pistols fire condensed plasma slugs and create their own ammunition from generators in the handles. In hand to hand combat Cy uses a mixture of neurological and pressure point combat and various martial arts. His style of fighting whether at range or up close revolves around being agile and accurate.

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