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Appearance Edit

[Old Data Missing, Removed from outside source.]

D-3 Now inhabits the same body as B-5, and thus they have the same features... Aside from one thing. The eyes of the body change from blue to orange whilst D-3 is in control.

Biography Edit

[Old Data Missing, Removed from outside Source.]

D-3, or "Crafter", is very selfish and self absorbed. She protects B-5 only because she needs his body. (not that way creep <_<).  As negative as this may sound, she has good instincts and, even given her careless attitude, she usually does very well in everything she does.

This includes breaking out nearly a third of all Synth-Soldiers working for Solace.

Abilities Edit

Crafter basically has a PC built into her head. This allows her to:

  • Use the internet
  • communicate with other computers
  • hack almost anything that is remotely hackable, given the correct time and resources

(Think of using this ability as Alt-tabbing between real-life and a PC)

As one final last-ditch move, D-3 may attempt to transfer her mind unto another computer. However this poses many risks to her, and is very risky.

Trivia Edit

  • Without D-3 B-5 would still be trapped working for sol-ass. So the [Censored] better be grateful.

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