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Daitech is a company founded by Daikael and the Kithsine government in order to generate the currency used in this dimension. They manufacture and sell all of their own products, and they do so at prices that would barely pull a profit with any other companies. The products Daitech manufacture range war warships to diapers, and its methods for manufacturing items of such high quality are unknown. Daitech facilities are heavily guarded, they refuse to let non-kithsine and non-government officials see their manufacturing and storage areas.

In its first year of operation Daitech had the highest profit out of any known company, even though they had the lowest sales. It is speculated that Daitech uses an unpaid workforce, though when questioned workers say that they are happy with their pay for their job, possibly indicating they are payed in an alternative currency. Daitech also seems to not require resources, indicating that they most likely use a supplier that is not registered yet.

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