Demons are natives of the dimension Nepheros, better known as Hell. Related to Arcadians.

Appearance  Edit

Demons vary hugely in appearance, though are generally heavily evolved/mutated versions of Overworld creatures, some even chimeric in nature; Veledrin being one example.


Demonic anatomy is incredibly varied, taking mammalian, reptilian, avian, ichthyoid, insectoid, bacterial and ethereal forms.

Culture  Edit

Demonic culture is widely varied between the different species, though they are generally easygoing.

Technology  Edit

Demons tend to forego technology in favor of their own powers; this gives the impression they are primitive, but their abilities will quite often trump modern weaponry. They occasionally smuggle tech past the SDP, but this is mostly books or video players; alchemists will often use human-produced chemistry equipment.

Classification Edit

As there are many species of Demon, they are classified with Scientific Names (In Latin), with a Notation. These do not always use genus as a first name, and the notation is tagged onto the end. The Notation for demons is Demonica.

Trivia  Edit

  • The most powerful recorded demons are, at this point, ancient or dead.
  • The first true demon introduced was Veledrin.

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