Dervicus, also known as Darren Kelfritz or Dr. Kelfritz, is an engineer and analyst for the R&D company Carbon-6.

Biography Edit

Dervicus' real name is Darren Kelfritz. He was born on earth within the Planetary Capitol. He found that he had a particular knack for scientific pursuits, and originally pursed a career in robot engineering, but quickly found this was not a great fit for him. He then began to pursue a major in applied physics and a masters in engineering, along with gaining extensive coding knowledge. Eventually, he found himself as a professor working at Galactic University, where he helped design and test many prototypes of now commonplace technologies.

Frame Edit

During the initial testing phases of the SCU program, Darren was ambushed in his house by Lord Adsoy, and injected with microbots. He was forced to corrupt the SCUs with a virus that was meant to cause the SCUs to defect, but instead caused them to go rogue. They escaped the testing facility almost immediately, knocking him out. He then woke up in an E-14 prison, where he learned that he had been convicted of high-order treason. He was rescued from the cell by a man from Carbon-6, who offered him a chance at a blank slate. He was teleported out, and brought to Carbon-6 headquarters, dropping him off of E14's radar. He then set to work at Carbon-6, developing micro-electroplating and developing the technology of the self-sustaining flesh-repairing nanobots, which he commonly uses to heal allies as well as himself.

Appearance Edit

Dervicus is most often seen wearing his combat armor in the field, but when he is not, he wears loose-fitting smart-fiber clothing, which uses a network of sensors to adjust itself to the current situation, and is very breathable. He wears a pair of glasses when working, despite not really needing them.

Abilities Edit

Suit Edit

He is very durable thanks to the high-quality protective armor he wears. The suit is made of a highly durable and light weight armor, coated in high-capacity electroplating. The power suit functions with an internal skeleton and muscle apparatus, allowing for increased movement and strength.

Body Edit

Along with his uncanny durability, he is extremely dangerous in hand-to-hand combat, able to best almost anyone if they get too close. He also has very high running speed, and is also capable of very high accuracy with ranged weapons, and it is uncommon for him to miss while shooting.

He has extremely high mental composure as well, as a result of the high discipline he developed whilst learning the martial arts he uses. He is able to resist or outright ignore many forms of mental manipulation.

Relations Edit

Wafflei Edit

Wafflei is a fellow engineer from Carbon-6 that Dervicus admitted having feelings for after Wafflei awoke from her coma. Past their awkward first impressions, they are happily seeing each other.