Samuel Salutie is one of the founders of Haven, and one of the few sages to learn a second element.

Appearance Edit

Doctor Samuel is roughly average height, with brown hair that is beginning to show signs of his age.

Biography Edit

Samuel's sage abilities manifested fairly early at the age of 14. He hid his powers well, and pursued a career in medicine, where, through his own skill and the subtle application of his powers, he excelled. At the age of 40, he met a small group of sages, and joined them. A few years later, he helped to design and construct Haven, and has worked there as a doctor and teacher ever since.

Abilities Edit

Samuel's original sage abilities consist of a limited amount of electrokinesis as well as considerable control over X-rays and electromagnetic waves. A few years before the founding of Haven, Samuel dedicated a large amount of time and training into learning how to manipulate water.

Both of these abilities aided greatly in his medical career, as he was able to have literal X-ray vision, act as a human defibrillator, and perform deep brain scans with no outside equipment. Control over water allows him to manipulate blood, which enables him to completely stop bleeding.

Trivia Edit

  • Salutie is a portmanteau of Salutem, the Latin word for health, and acies, the latin word for cutting edge.

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