Doll is one of the five characters introduced in a side-plot during the end stages of Act 4-4 "Another Home".

Like many of the characters, not much information was given.

Appearance Edit

Doll was described as "a young girl carrying a backpack."

No more information was given.

Biography Edit


Abilities Edit

During the events of the side plot, Doll used many plushie/doll like gadgets to down her enemy these gadgets include:

  • A bee plushie which burst into a large amount of spikes.
  • An octopus toy which stunned a guard, making them collapse.
  • An unspecified explosive used to clear out a large amount of guards.
  • Strange blob-like plushies which were used to demolish a lab.
  • A fish toy with a sharp blade hidden inside.

Despite being described as "a young girl" Doll seems to be a rather agile and tricky character.

Trivia Edit

  • Doll is one of Soras' underlings.

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