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Dragon, is a large combat ship that was designed by the Knights Eternal. It is a heavy forward assault ship designed to go toe to toe against other heavy class ships. It has a full load out of weapons both manual and automatic turrets making it good at putting firepower where needed and also taking care of faster fighter class ships.

Hardware Edit

The Dragon has a total of 26 guns. A total of 8 of them are forward facing and are manually fired. These are used to engage larger capital class ships. It has turrets facing all directions; Fore - 4, Starboard - 4, Aft - 2, Port - 4, Dorsal - 2, Ventral - 2. It comes with 2 shield generators putting out 2GJ of power in total.

Movement Edit

The Dragon is a fast attack ship designed to outrun the slower capital ships. It was not designed to outrun faster fighter class ships. It has the fastest turning speed of its class being able to quick round a target and put the forward guns back in firing range quickly.

Hanger Edit

The Dragon has a hanger big enough to house 3 heavy class fighters. It also has a compliment of drop ships that are used to transport people to and from the ship while in orbit.

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