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Draven is an ex-sniper in the T.E.M (Terran Expeditionary Military). He is the lone survivor of a squad sent to scout out a planet with reported war-like activity. African-American, with a faded haircut. He is 6 foot, 4 inches tall. General attire consist of a black t-shirt and a pair of long cargo pant. Sometimes has a military-style backpack on his back when carrying supplies.


His squad had been scouting the area, when they were ambushed by a platoon of soldiers believed to be involved with one of the warring parties. Draven's squad members died fighting, one of which died as Draven attempted to escape with him back to a dropship. He managed to escape, but was forced to leave the bodies of his squadmates behind. He is plagued with guilt and has uncontrollable flashbacks of their deaths.

Personality and traitsEdit

Normally laid-back. Gets touchy when squadmates are brought up. Keeps a level head in combat situations.

Character stats and skill treeEdit

Draven pre-statsEdit

+ Military Training: Increased stamina, speed, and strength.

+ Ranger: Works well at medium - long ranges.

- Hardscoper: Limited close range capabilities, i.e. knife is used as last resort.

- PTSD: Prone to flashbacks of when his squad was wiped out during battlefield situations.


  •  RX1 Pulserifle: Advanced energy rifle with extreme range capabilities. Capable of using different variations of its energy shot. Different variations are Standard - Energy shot deals moderate damage against all target types, EMP - Able to short-circuit mechanical targets, but deals less damage among armored/shielded targets, Heat - Armor piercing shot. Rifle energy battery withstands 6 standard shots. Specialty Ammo uses twice as much energy. Strictly medium to long range.
  • TX Sawblade: T.E.M standard energy knife. Useful against light armored targets at close ranges. Still just a knife.


  • Draven is Redstorm134's character in the RP. Created 6/24/15. At time of this entry (12:37 EST), he has yet to be introduced into the storyline.