The Drax Harpoon Launcher, Better know as "Drax", is a high-powered Harpoon Launcher capable of firing as far as 30 m. It can fire many types of Harpoons, has a built in reel and a scope similar to a Grenade Launcher.


Its mechanics rely on a harpoon that once loaded in the barrel can be used multiple times by simple reeling back again in the barrel, the first reload is complex since you have to attach the harpoon without tangling the rope inside during the process, jamming the weapon.

The harpoon also has an inbuilt system called the quick-pull, which consists of an electric motor that reels the harpoon back much faster than can be done manually without tangling the rope, although it needs batteries or external power source to work properly. This system is very useful for when the weapon needs to be used in quick succession.

Uses Edit

The Drax Harpoon Launcher is mostly used as an utility tool instead of an weapon, and is mainly used to pull heavy objects in remote areas or even being used to access them. but despite its purpose, it can be a very lethal weapon since the sharp and pointy harpoon can be used to pierce most living beings and some robots with ease, causing serious harm to the target.