Dredgen Vix is a very small terrestrial planet located in a sector located along the SCA Warp Gateway. It is a mostly lush planet filled with various plant and animal lifeforms. Odd structures dot the surface and the underground caverns of the planet, built eons ago by Arcadians.

Description Edit

Geology Edit

Dredgen Vix is a rather small planet filled mostly with lush rainforests, plains, swamps. and tundra. While mostly flat, the small planet becomes more mountainous towards its poles. It has a smaller ocean-to-land ratio than earth.

As of recent events, a portion of the planet has been scorched by wildfires, leaving parts of it a barren, ash-covered wasteland.

Climate Edit

Dredgen is naturally hot and humid, with a high amount of water vapor in its atmosphere. It has a fast rotation period, and is very prone to large scale tropical storms.

Dredgen's atmosphere is breathable, but caution is required due to the high amount of unnatural radiation in the planet's atmosphere and life.

History Edit

Pre-Modern Day Edit

Dredgen wasn't always in the position it is now. For an unknown amount of time, Arcadians used this planet as a means of operation. They inhabited Dredgen and built many complexes on it, ranging from grand immigration halls to research facilities. At this time, the planet's climate was much colder, mostly covered in tundra and frozen grasslands.

After a high-risk event in the early 2000's, one of the planet's many facilities, the Parchea Complex, suffered an attack from an unknown race. During this, the entire planet was warped out of alignment, lost among space. In the trial of time, the planet became part of a new system. It's climate changed, becoming hot and sporting many geographical changes to the planet.

Post-Collateral Edit

After the events of Collateral, the Parchea Complex was destroyed by ATES. Roughly a week later, the local area was ransacked and set ablaze by an unknown terrorist cell. The forest fire violently tore through the area, rendering large plots of land nothing but barren ash-coated wastelands.

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