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The E-600 Electro Magnetic Pulse Grenade, also simply known as EMP grenade is a hand-held, thrown grenade capable of emitting an electromagnetic pulse, disabling all electronics within its blast radius for a short period of time.

When thrown, it disables enemy equipment and electronics within the blast radius, it also lightly stuns enemy targets. The severity of the effect depends on how close the enemy is to the detonation.


The EMP grenade releases a 15 meter blast of disruptive electrical energy that damaged and disabled electronic systems. They are especially useful for disabling droids, robots or any other AI. These electromagnetic pulses were not quite as effective against organics, but are still capable of electrocuting or stunning lifeforms. Detonations also temporarily disrupted the sensors and visual displays of any interface systems for a few seconds.

The EMP is also useful to deplete shields' strength, the discharge can overload shield systems of small vehicles, personal shields or electroplates, making the grenade much more effective than energy projectiles (except ion-based weaponry).

Despite the grenade being labeled for military use only, the grenade is commercialized freely to anyone who wants an EMP grenade, because it is categorized as non-lethal weapon.


  • This weapon is free to be used by any character, meaning that anyone can buy E-600 Electro Magnetic Pulse Grenades without explaining how or why.

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