The Earth Blade aka Cobalt Blade is a weapon wielded by Edward "Eclipse" Carter and is often considered a legendary blade.

Description Edit

The blade itself is not actually made of cobalt but a cobalt alloy capable of cutting through incredibly dense materials without loosing much sharpness at all.

The sword is made for slashing, not stabbing. It is surprisingly light, and in the hilt and pommel it has two crystals that seem to glow when they catch the light correctly.

Abilities and Usage Edit

It is Eclipse's main weapon, wielded in his dominant hand. It has a pronged hilt, which lets it catch weapons and proceed to disarm or break.

It also controls plant growth and earth, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Making plants grow in specific ways
  • Making plants behave in specific ways
  • Creating walls, pillars, spikes, etc. out of earth or rock
  • Powermining

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