Ellie Morticia is a mysterious young woman who was murdered several years ago by Wafflei. She was the involuntary soul "donor" for Caroline, before being accidentally recreated as an Ethereal Being by the SDP and Pasithee.

Appearance Edit

Ellie is a short Martian woman with pale skin, dark cherry hair, and ruby red eyes. She is often seen to be be wearing a maroon and black blouse-dress, with a black ribbon scarf tied around her neck, looking almost choking. Glitch Ellie's eyes glow a bright persistent red, with white or black sclera. She is also stuck with a frozen analog watch, displaying the day she died.

Personality Edit

Ellie's original personality is very stoic and outgoing, with a natural sense of adventure. She was a natural entrepreneur, with a competitive nature and determination (or stubbornness) to not back down.

Glitch Ellie's personality shares very similar traits, but with broken memories and odd personality quirks not seen in the original Ellie, such as dark humor and crooked morals.

Biography Edit

Original Life Edit

Ellie was born in the Dark Universe, and spent most of her life at the same Orphanage that Wafflei was put into. She was one of the few who warmly welcomed Wafflei, somewhat making friends. Over the years they grew apart, Ellie taking other interests.

Ellie was the first person Wafflei murdered in cold blood herself, and was killed via strangulation with a ribbon scarf. Her body was never found after going missing on March 15th, 2149.

Overwritten Edit

After death, Ellie's soul was lost in Limbo, staying sealed for several years. After six years, the Corruption used Ellie's soul as a base for creating Caroline. Her soul was taken, corrupted, and literally overwritten to be in the likeness and insanity of her own murderer, Wafflei.

Nobody knew that she was trapped within Caroline's shell until after Caroline's death.

Revival Edit

The SDP, realizing their mistakes in terminating Caroline, attempted to investigate Ellie's identity with the help of Pasithee and her prototype Soul Gun. In an unexpected twist, the Ethereal energy used to recreate her soul did more than needed, accidentally recreating a whole being. This version of Ellie had a slightly skewered personality differing from her original's, with a few out of place emotions and a rather dark sense of humor.

After some chaotic events, she ended up being dumped out onto Mars, eventually realizing that she was actually in the real life, not a crazy fever dream.

Abilities Edit

Ethereal Edit

As an Ethereal being, Ellie has some odd natural powers. She can seem to defy physics, with the ability to float and phase through objects, at the cost of energy. She is not invincible, and still requires basic living needs to function (Food, water, sleep).


Ellie's odd Spectal Shade abilities

Spectral Shade Edit

Ellie has the ability to bend an odd energy known only as Spectral Shade. It is a cross between Spectral Fabric (bent by angelic beings), and Shadow (bent by demons). It forms in dark, pulsating crystals similar to Pancakei or Patricia's Spectral Fabric, with wispy black shadows surrounding it. The exact source of these powers are still unknown.

Themes Edit

Ellie's theme uses a modified version of the 'Metal Crusher' melody, originally composed by Toby Fox.

The Glitch (Metal Crusher Reprise)02:23

The Glitch (Metal Crusher Reprise)

Trivia Edit

  • Ellie's lore has been canon since around Blades of Destiny, but hidden.
  • The name 'Morticia' is an allusion to Mort, the french adjective for death, as well as the term "Mortician', someone who prepares dead bodies for funerals.
  • About 1 month before Ellie was fully canonized, Pancakei (the author) released a series of riddles and hints pointing to who she was and what happened to her.
    • This was both for social experimentation, and for ensuring her lore is fully canonized somehow.
    • Forumlurker606 was the only player to completely piece together the riddles.
  • Ellie's voice in canon would sound very out of place, almost like being compressed, or spoken through an old speaker.
    • This references the fact that she was born from a universal glitch, and that she exists on an odd line between physical and ethereal.
  • Some of Ellie's personality and gimmicks are inspired by Bill Cipher from the cartoon Gravity Falls.
    • Ellie also takes some slight inspiration from W.D. Gaster from the game Undertale.
  • There is a robot in Robocraft named ELL-13, which is a play on Ellie's name.
    • The robot was given her namesake due to the way it glides and floats, similar to Ellie herself.
    • The robot has become immensely popular, with over 250 sales on the Community Robot Factory within its first day.
    • The ELL-13 has since become one of the highest selling robots in CRF history, with over 2,242 sales during its first term.

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