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The Ethereal Discharger is a powerful gun designed as an ethereal battery. It is capable of storing ethereal energy and ejecting it physically.

Description Edit

The gun is large and heavy, and has a shoulder guard to aid the user. A gigantic crystal similar to the ones found on the three silver rings is mounted on the top, facing backwards from the barrel. On the end of the barrel is a rotating area that spins while firing, with two, large, conjoined rings on it and two spikes. This area collects and fires the ethereal energy.

Abilities and Usage Edit

The Ethereal Discharger has two settings, which are adjusted by the hand rest under the barrel. Both settings are incredibly deadly.


This setting is active when the hand rest is held back. This setting destructively collects ethereal energy around it, in the general area that the gun is pointed. When used on a living animal on this setting, the creatures soul will be destroyed and stored in the gun, causing it to die.


Using this setting will cause anything that was stored in the gun to be ejected physically in order. This creates large blasts of lightning like ethereal energy and sometimes beams to explode from the gun, depending on how much energy was consumed at once. The physical energy projected is harmful and only small amounts of energy can cause third-degree burns.

Trivia Edit

  • Important Notes
    • This weapon is strictly a plot device. It is too overpowered for regular RP use.
  • The creator of the gun was Pasithee Hampshire, an exploiter of glitches in the universe. Her skills were passed down to her through her family. All of which are dead but her.
  • The Ethereal Discharger was constructed by Pasithee to return a big favor for Patricia. The SDP now uses the gun to investigate lost souls.

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