Feltzin Prime is the third and largest rocky planet in the Feltzin system. It's slightly smaller than Earth, but has a similar atmosphere composition and origin, as well as having a lot of human-introduced invasive species brought there by early colonists.

Feltzin Prime was the target of a massive terrorist attack triggered by iON, where billions of lives were killed in a robotic assault, and a whole chunk of the planet was left ravaged.


Geology Edit

Feltzin Prime is a lush planet with small oceans, forests, and deserts in some places around the equator. Almost all of the planet is habitable to earthly lifeforms. The planet is fairly young, and the rock composition combined with this means there is quite a lot of gentle tectonic activity. Its core has a higher percentage of radioactive material than earth, meaning that despite the smaller size, the gravity is equally strong.

Human influence Edit

Shortly before the ruination of earth, human colonists were sent to colonize the planet. As a result, it has gone through hundreds of years of terraforming and changes to be more suitable to human life. The atmosphere has been edited to be suitable for humans, as well as the wildlife being replaced with earth flora and animals like horses, pigs, and birds. In current times, there are several cities of a few million in population scattered around the planet, and a lot of smaller settlements.

Locations Edit

Cinella Edit

Cinella is the current capital of Feltzin Prime, elected after the destruction of the old capital by iON. The city itself is short on the surface, with few skyscrapers overlooking its vast streets and courtyards. An underground network of transit tunnels and shopping facilities keep its economy booming.

Dead Providence Edit

The "Dead Providence" is a large portion of irradiated landscape in the northern hemisphere of Feltzin Prime. The area is high in radioactive fallout, leaving it uninhabitable for all but the strongest species. Several destroyed cities are within this region, including the Old Capital.

Trivia Edit

  • The Feltzin System, and Feltzin Prime by extension, is a reference to the location of the same name from the Ratchet and Clank series.