Flapjacki is an artificial intelligence who claims to be a brain scanned copy of Pancakei.

Appearance Edit

He often appears with a tattered scarf around his neck. On his face is normally a pair of circular black sunglasses and a metal gas mask. Flapjacki's skin is still pale and martian like Pancakei's, but is made of a flexible metal of sorts instead. Subtly glowing circuit patterns can be seen around his face.


Biography Edit

Flapjacki first appeared in 2155, in the form of a phone conversation with Zylapouf. At the time he had been known to be unusually aware of things without research or first hand experience. Soon after it became known that he has been hearing a faint voice in his head, that sounds similar to The Puppeteer.

ObliviON Edit

During the events of ObliviON, Flapjacki made several attempts to regain control of the company which he had once owned in the memories he inherited from Pancakei, Pann Co. Most of his attempts were individual. However, in the final fight with Caroline, he provided as a variable asset to the team facing off against her.

Abilities Edit

Flapjacki has the ability to know almost anything without researching or witnessing something for himself. It is mostly unknown how he achieves this. Above this he appears to be able to raise the dead and command corpses to his will, and against their own. He owns a pickaxe which he is yet to have leave his side. It is his trusted weapon and reliable at that.

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