Fluffanium is an unique, strong, incredibly heavy metal engineered by Moe. Despite its name, it is all but indestructible. It can take tremendous pressure and fail to even bend, and its melting temperature is completely ludicrous. Once made it can't be melted back down into its base components if a mistake is made, likewise it does not get scratched or other wise damaged. Due to its heaviness, its impractical to make something entirely out of the stuff. Even if you did, joints are still vulnerable, and one could bypass the armor with sufficient kinetic force to destroy the electronics on the other side. Blades formed out of this material have the potential to be incredibly sharp, and never dull. The only known material or attack that has damaged parts made out of this stuff are Mana weaponry. The process for making this metal is long, complicated, and almost impossible to recreate when the only thing you have is the metal itself.

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