The G-50 Emulsifier Grenade, also known as Goo Grenade is a personal explosive that used high-pressure jets to spray an extremely strong adhesive foam over a ten-meter area, trapping anyone within the area at detonation. It is commonly used by security forces as non-lethal weapon.

Description Edit

The mechanics of the device are similar to a cryo grenade, only using a different solution. It works using an adhesive foam trapped under pressure inside the container, the pressure is so high that the solution is almost compressed in solid form, once released the solution is released with considerable force over a large area.

This grenade can be set to explode upon contact, or by means of a timer with up to fifteen seconds of delay. The grenade casing is reusable. As well as this the solution can be improved by experienced artisans, adding solidification, freezing or even tear gas to the solution. These common improvements can be differentiated by the solution color, as well their casing stamp:

  • Yellow: Standard
  • Green: Solidification
  • Gray: Freezing
  • Orange: Gas

Most of this grenades are used by security forces in all planets to contain riots, handling uprisings and capturing any threat without harm. The standard version of the Goo grenade can be bought from any weapon merchant, since the grenade is non lethal.


  • This weapon is free for the use of any character, meaning that anyone can buy G-50 Emulsifier Grenades without explaining how or why.