Here is a guide on how to get started in the Robocraft Roleplay universe!

Check the Rules Edit

Current Roleplay Rules Edit

The current Robocraft Role-play rules are as follows:

  • Do not make roleplay threads without consent of others. Please try to make an announcement of a thread to soon come up, preferably a few days before it's planned start.
  • You should not edit past posts in an RP thread to change content. Fixing typos/grammatical errors is fine.
  • If the result of an action is not immediate, don't post the result. Give people time to respond.
  • Everything should make sense, or at the very least be justifiable to a certain extent, so that people can play along with it. It is not required to scientifically make sense, however. Just logically feasible.
  • For role-playing threads, it is best practice to put a "[RP]" in the title.
  • If a situation is called into question of fairness, the RP thread may be requested to pause by the majority. If so a new thread is created to discuss the issue, and the first post should contain quotes of the relevant posts. Once the situation is resolved (majority rules), the RP thread resumes.
  • Do not make or plan to make threads with highly complicated plots, involving little to no user input. Try to make or plan threads with room for plenty of solutions to a problem you may not have even thought of.
  • If you want to try to have a plot based RP you should ask everyone you want to involve before hand. This includes side plot. Overall a whole thread like this should be avoided.
  • Making a strong character with no weakness is forbidden. If you have an all-around character (A character with a lot of abilities but not much power or weakness) the weakness is considered the lack of power. However in a character where they have great power, you must have at least one lethal weakness.
  • Super-posting is when you make an action that completely ignores someone else or make an action that ignores the person you are interacting with. For example: If you get shot at with a gun, and the bullets have no effect for no reason at all. OR If you shoot someone with a gun, and then say that they got hurt without them taking any action in it. This is strictly not allowed UNLESS the other person very obviously can not escape the situation. If someone says that something happens with immediate effect DON'T PANIC! You can just correct their post by saying your result, as long as the result you have does not super-post. If the person continues to super-post repeatedly it is best to warn them of what they are doing.
  • You are not allowed to kill other peoples characters without permission. Mortal injury is allowed if it is fair, or not achieved via super-post.

Character Creation Edit

Now that you have read the rules you can create your first character! When you do please try to keep the rules in mind and any restrictions that may exist. Please avoid creating anything that has already been created, and avoid reoccurring traits in other characters. This isn't mandatory, but highly suggested.

Contributing to the Wiki Edit

Once you have come up with a good base idea for a character, you may create a wiki page for them. To start off it doesn't need to be too detailed. This is because your character most likely hasn't done anything yet, so there might not be anything to record. The main thing that you should include on your character's page is a short description. Make sure you fill in the infobox given. If you publish a page or edit one only to find it broken in one way or another, inform an admin and they can easily fix it. Type your character's name in the box below and hit "Create Character" to create his/her page!

If your character is an Artificial Intelligence or robot, it might be a little harder to make a page. Thankfully you will at least get a whole separate box!

Color Codes Edit

On the forums that roleplaying takes place color codes are used to easier distinguish between characters. Using color codes only becomes vital if you have more than one character under the use of one account. The color code format used is hexadecimal. Using hex codes on the forum is as simple as the following:

[color=#Code Here]Your Text Here[/color]

A hex color code uses six characters to work. A, B, C, D, E and F characters can all be used, as well as numbers from 0-9. Examples include:

This: Results In:
[color=#006600]Dark Green[/color]
Dark Green

This particular type of color coding will not function on wikia, although there is another method available. It will not be explained on this page.

Role-playing Edit

With all of that out of the way, you should be ready. It's time to wait until the next season is in preparation so you can share your new character with the Robocraft Roleplay community on the Robocraft Forums. If you have any questions or problems just ask and someone will normally come to your aid. Welcome to the universe!

Progression Edit

As you progress through the roleplay you may want to create more. This is perfectly fine and allowed, although the way you do it is important. Here is a guide on how to do what.

Weapons Edit

As you start to make more characters they might start to build on weapons which may or may not become hard to keep track of. At any time making weapons pages will most likely be beneficial, but please only add weapons which have not already been added to the wiki.

Species Edit

Making a species is a huge responsibility and should not be done unless you are prepared to work on it. Be certain that when you make a species that it tries to avoid using a classification which has already been used. The "Classification" part of the infobox is in biological context. This means that it is asking for your species biological class. This is something you must fill in. If your species does not fit an existing class you can make a new "fake" one for it to fit under. There is a list below of any existing classes that people have used, and what defines them. If you need help with this contact an Admin.

Class Rank Definition
Arthropoda Phylum If your species does not have a spine, has an exoskeleton (external skeleton), has a segmented body, and jointed appendages it is an Arthropod.
Mammalia Class If your species has any form of hair, has three middle ear bones, has organs designed to produce milk, and lastly has a neocortex it is a Mammal.
Reptilia Class If your species has scales, is born in an egg, and can not change it's own body temperature it is a Reptile.
Cephalopoda Class If your species looks almost exactly the same on the left and right side of it, has a protruding head, has no spine, and has a set of arms or tentacles it is a Cephalopod.
Duplexosseusa Class If your species has one endoskeleton and one exoskeleton, as well as producing eggs and having adaptable DNA (able to breed with other classes) it is a Duplexosseus.
Mechanicia Domain If your species does not consist of specified cells, operates in strong atomic structures such as crystals or metals, and is made rather than born it belongs to the domain Mechanicia.

After you have that sorted the other necessity is the distinction of your species. If your species is the same class as another they should have different distinctions. Something can not be an entirely different species to something else for simply having different shaped eyes. Your species should be unique and differing from others in as many ways as you can handle.

Creation Boxes Edit

Important Pages Edit

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