The Glock 86 Heavy Plasma Pistol, was designed before the Great War by the Gaston Glock artificial intelligence. It shoots a small bolt of superheated plasma and is powered by a small energy cell. It was later commercialized across the galaxy and is a common weapon because of its practicality without losing lethality. It doesn't require special license to obtain this weapon and can be found in the weapons market for only 250 GC.


The Glock 86 is a powerful energy-based pistol, it fires superheated bolts of green plasma, and uses compact energy cells as ammunition making the projectile less unstable and susceptible to explode the weapon, but this also makes the weapon have limited ammo.

The projectile is able to punch through most creatures and low to medium-level types of armor with ease, but it cannot surpass shields, since it's a energy-based projectile.

Security Glock

A security officer with a Glock 86 on the desk.

The weapon only has semiautomatic firing mode, it was designed without other modes because the plasma is already unstable in this compact form and could overheat the weapon's barrel if an automatic mode was added. Some
Glock Wattz

The Glock 86(top) and Wattz 1000(bottom).

custom modifications can be made to add full automatic, but that is a homemade modification and can damage the weapon over time.

The Glock 86 has a shape that resembles most of the Glock handguns, this shape was maintained toward this era because of its practicality and for its comfortable grip, which is very ergonomic for human hands, decreasing the recoil to not hurt the user's hand. The shape of the Glock 86 is shared with other weapons like the Wattz 1000 Laser Pistol of which the Glock company shares the rights of the weapon's blueprint with the Wattz company, letting them make their own energy pistol.


  • This weapon is free to be used by any character, meaning that anyone can buy a Glock 86 Heavy Plasma Pistol without explaining how or why.